If you are as inquisitively curious as I am, you probably wondered what was going on with a chest of drawers full of chains, cuffs, whips and blindfolds in the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey Series when the human slavery era has since ended.

I observed that the lady did not derive so much fun or pleasure being subdued, tied up, blindfolded or whipped like an animal for sex. Indeed there was panic and fear in her eyes. On the other hand, the guy seemed like a pervert who derived pleasure from spiking and spiting his prey to have sex. It appeared the other victims may have somewhat “enjoyed” the pleasure laced pain otherwise there wouldn’t have been this keen contest for the guy in the subsequent series knowing his sexual preferences.

What I saw in that movie, was a “boy” abused as a child, even though he grew up in opulence. This boy child is locked up inside a strong room in his mind resulting from childhood abuse, rejection, violation and deprivation. In a bid to escape this strong room confinement in his mind, frustrated and out of sorts, he tends to transfer aggression and seeking to numb the pain by taking it out on female Grey Preys

I’m asking why he has to “torture” his “victims” or “dates” and same time I’m observing that he didn’t fabricate those “toys”. They are actually all sold in sex shops. Can it then be that some people really have such volatile violent preference of inflicting pain on others?

Perhaps there’s mutual consent? Does a first time victim know what to expect? Does this give some kind of subjection or dominance over the other person? Does the “victim” feel powerless and taken advantage of? What if there’s substance abuse in this like drugs or alcohol? Did the date also sign up for this?!

Is this going on behind doors of schools, hotels, homes and we don’t even know it? What’s this movie trying to “educate” us of? Are there any vices here that we should be weary of?

Does this make the lady feel defenseless or taken undue advantage of? Is this consensual or just experimental for a first time date to see what pleasure there can be in pain?

I’m looking at a man who is intelligent, successful, wealthy, Smart with excellent acumen, very athletic but, domineering and perhaps feels he must also dominate, subdue conquer and violate his dates to show he’s in charge.

Does he in-fact need a Psychistric or psychological help and this is his own way of asking for help? Have we had people cloak sick behaviors in “hot romance” and the ailment goes undetected? If there’s a line between sanity and insanity in instances like this, the line is very thin.

When does the guy know that he’s hurting the lady and she doesn’t want anymore of it? How thin is the line between consent and or lack of it? How does the guy obtain “consent” where a lady is already tied up, handcuffed and blindfolded? Sometimes, the mouth is stuffed with puffs to prevent screams.

This may be a typology of sexual violence, requiring phycological diagnosis and we have all just mistaken it for high pitch romance. When does the guy know that he’s violating and abusing the lady and can he stop, if he knows? How can she make him stop if she’s changed her mind? If she didn’t know it was some savagery brutish near rape violation experience she just signed up for by entering his house?

Is there pleasure in this pain? Is it mutual pleasure pain or one person is inflicting pain while the other is at the receiving end?

I’ve tried to stop wondering if there’s any difference between this and sexual violence. Are the ingredients different.? The predator domineering objective is to derive pleasure from showing power, strength, conquest with the victim at his mercy? Does the victim feel that she agreed to sex and was overpowered into an overdrive, where she had no control over what she now experiences and in the process abused and taken undue advantage of?

Does she have any recourse or she just goes on with this bitter/ sweet taste in her mouth while the guy feels like a stud that he made the lady cry for mercy and he refused to give in.

There are several Grey shaded sides to the fifty that I don’t agree with. Some may have tried to replicate this movie in real life and have ended up raping, abusing and violating ladies. Movies Censors’ Board must know what is allowed to hit the air waves and it’s not enough to Rate it 16 with a big V or L or S to suggest Violence, Strong Language or Sex because we know younger than 16 watch these movies and want to put some of these experiences to practice.

I’ve caught a seven years old searching Apple TV for nude pictures. I’ve caught an eight, ten, twelve years old hiding an iPad under the bed, because he has visited adult websites. I’ve seen a fifteen years old freaked out because he secretly watched movies that troubled his impressive mind the whole night.

Why do “adults” need these movies or website? An MP in the UK resigned her appointment, because she was exposed that her husband was charging porn Dvd bills into her official debit card.

When violence in any form is taught in movies, the society pays for it because some people are bound to be influenced by it. I showed my boys Mr. Bean singing in church and all they remembered and practiced was him kneeling down to sleep with both feet raised up with his head still to the floor unsupported by his hands.

Most people are very impressionable and the root causes of some of these violence is what we permit into our society.

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