The actual culprit in this seduction, attempted rape story has not been exposed. Not nearly enough. We have blamed Mrs. Zuleikha Portiphar far too much for attempting to “rape” Joseph, who was the head of Mr. Portiphar’s household. Mr. Portiphar was Captain of the Kings Guards.

So many times the women hold the short end of the stick, while the men in this men’s world are unscaled. The men have for too long abdicated and abandoned their natural roles, duties and responsibilities. How do you place a slave or servant in charge of your entire household, from book-keeping to expenses in the house to being in charge of the jewelries and other priced ornaments in the house and you the man form “busy”.?

The slave servant takes inventory of all the items in the house, he knows when groceries have finished, he decides what the “master” should eat, how he eats it and the process of getting it ready for the master to eat. He dresses the master’s bed and knows the positioning of everything in the house. Whose the actual “master” in this circumstance?

There’s someone who is in charge of taking the children to school. There’s someone else who is in charge of cleaning the house. There’s yet another person who is manning the gate and yet another person is in charge of the kitchen. Another person tends after the children and takes them wherever they want to go. Some other person takes the children to watch moves or to play soccer and another obtains their report sheets from the school and brings home complaints from the school about the children. Really ? So then the master and the Madam just relax on the sofa, in front of the cable tv and when it’s time to sleep, they slum into a bed they have no idea how it was made and how clean the sheets are.

The men don’t know where to draw the line in this abdication of duties and responsibilities. They fain ignorance and claim to be too busy even to satisfy their wives sexually. They report back “tired” and unable to perform. Statistics have shown that women take longer to be satisfied, sexually. The men are done in a few seconds and don’t even bother about the satisfaction level of their wives. The women dare not protest or complain that they are dissatisfied or that they’ve not had an orgasm in years. They don’t even know what or how it feels like any more to have an orgasm.

The man has rolled over and is snoring very loud, while she was just getting started. How do you crank a cold engine of a car to life and while it’s trying to get warmed up, you switch off the engine? She has to try to go back to sleep. Disappointed again. If she can. This happens night after night and only if the man remembers that he wants to jerk off. He turns to his “sex object” and he’s done in no time and off again. It so happens now that the women to avoid the Joseph experience have gone to sex toys to buy a Joseph called dildo. Just so that when the man has fooled himself and is gone to work they can get some satisfaction in.

No woman dare demands for sex from the husband for fear of being thought to be promiscuous wayward or loose. She cannot even express her desires sexually. She has to seduce her man, perhaps wear sexually provocative night gowns and assume that the message is passed. If the man isn’t in that mood, he snores on his couch and she has to drag him out of it to bed and he will not even remember how he got to bed in the first place.

This gets worse when the man gets older. Indeed as the man gets older, he becomes sexually very inactive, while the women become sexually more active in their 40s, 50s and even 60s. This is when they are done with child bearing and children raising. They are now set for the action. This is when the man can hardly keep it up anymore. This is when the man claims not be sexually attracted to his wife anymore. He claims she’s now too fat and unattractive. He starts to hunt for the twenty year old girls outside to spend his substance. These young girls had no idea how Madam suffered for him and helped him through thick and thin. Now he’s got a big pot belly with a lot of money she’s no longer attractive? Really? Worse still he gets careless and brings some STD to her in the house.

I’m worried for a lot of Mrs. Portiphars. They abandoned their carriers to make their homes and families work. They forgo their skills and talents to become good wives. They give their all and loose a lot of blood to bear children. They stay back at home to raise these children and give their all. All you Mr. Portiphars who have abandoned your responsibilities in the home to slaves and servants, do you now come back home and expect that the slave wouldn’t be asked to also handle Mrs. Portiphar? Isn’t she part of the household furniture and items you left behind and asked the slave to superintendent over?

You, Mr. Portiphar you are the reason for this desperation. You, Mr. Portiphar you are the reason for this neglect, rejection and abandonment that Mrs. Portiphars are going through. They cannot speak up. They cannot even express their sexual preferences for fear of being asked where they learnt that from.

Somebody lured the adulterous woman into his bed (who might have been stoned to death) where it not for the presence of the Master Jesus Christ. No one brought, or even mentioned that she couldn’t have committed the act alone. They said she was caught in the very act of adultery. I’ve never seen anyone commit adultery alone. Is it a pill you swallow? The Master Jesus Christ should have further said; “before I ask anyone without sin to cast the first stone, where’s the the adulterous man she allegedly committed the act with”?

I bet the adulterous may have been one of the men in the crowd with stones in hand, who wanted to stone the woman to death. That’s how hypocritical men are. Adam was asked a simple question by God: “where are you”? He had quickly accused the wife, it is this woman that you gave me that gave me the fruit to eat. If you didn’t give her to me, I wouldn’t have eaten the fruit.

When will Mr. Portiphars own up to their responsibilities? It was out of shame, embarrassment and irresponsibility that Mr. Portiphar sent Joseph to prison. He must have thought to himself, why would my trusted slave whom I’ve prospered from since he came into my household, whom I’ve trusted with everything, also desire my wife? Could it be that I’ve neglected and abandoned my wife? Could it be that I’ve given too much responsibilities out and handled none myself? Have I stayed out of the house for too long claiming to be working and being busy ?

The story ends well, because Joseph became Prime Minister by reason of the fact that Mrs. Portiphar accused him of attempted rape and he ended up in prison from where he went to the palace as Prime Minister.

Here’s my point, as Prime Minister Joseph had the right and authority to avenge the wrong that was done to him by the false accusation. Mr. Portiphar was still captain of the king’s guards while the slave Joseph was now his Boss. So, you might say that it was time to take his pound of flesh from Mrs. Portiphar and indeed the entire household of Portiphar. But he didn’t.

Can I suggest to you that Mrs. Portiphar might have feared retribution from the Prime Minister, Joseph and confessed to the false accusation? Can I further suggest to you that the Portiphars household may have reconciled with Joseph, and Prime Minister Joseph ever so forgiving also forgave Mrs. Portiphar?

How do I know this? Bible scholars dug deep into this matter after the fact and found a few shocking revelations that I now share:

Joseph’s Egyptian Name was Zaphnath-Paaneah. Joseph married an Egyptian lady called Asenath, the daughter of Poti-Pherah priest of On.

Poti-Pherah may have been the same person as Portiphar. In which case Joseph would likely have been married to the daughter of the same woman Mrs. Portiphar who was responsible for his false imprisonment.

This means Mrs. Portiphar clearly was very beautifully and attractive. That’s why Joseph said he couldn’t do this wicked thing to his master who had been to kind to him. In other words, he couldn’t sleep with his mother-in-law to be. The Portiphars raised a good daughter, good enough and as pretty as the mother, Mrs. Portiphar, good enough for the Prime Minister to marry.

So please give Mrs. Portiphars a break. If the men play their roles well, knowing these facts, the slaves and servants are important and useful but they should know and have their places. The bedroom is out of bounds. Only Mr. & Mrs. Portiphars are allowed there.

2 thoughts on “Please, Give Mrs. Zuleikha Portiphar A Break…!- The Root Cause.

  1. Interesting article. There are millions of Mrs Potiphars around the world. Unfortunately, due to societal roles/expectations, women have mastered the art of pretense. we keep everything inside. Natural emotions like sexual urges are forcefully relegated to some dark hole where they remain. Women are not allowed to feel and interestingly older women in particular are almost refused the ‘privilege’ of having sexual urges. In fact, they are expected to remain ‘women’. So we have Mrs Potiphars. the few others who dare to express these urges are either promiscuous or loose. Either way, life is simple, we shouldn’t complicate it.


    1. This was the concept of the article. From Counselling, we find that a lot of women have resorted to self help or some very daring ones have had to have affairs with drivers, Stewarts or cooks. There’s a story that’s told jokingly that a driver, one Okon would usually take his master to work and come back home to wait on the wife in case she was going somewhere.

      All seemed well until one day, the husband forgot something at home and asked Okon to turn the car around, so he could go get what he had forgotten. He got home and let himself in. Surprisingly, all the doors were almost left ajar. He walked in and even went upstairs. It was the same thing including the bedroom door.

      He walked in and heard the shower on. In a bid to surprise the wife, he sneaked in and let himself in. The wife was in the shower and had leathered soap all over her body and face so she couldn’t see. Indeed she didn’t even know anyone was in the room let alone the bathroom.

      The husband tickled the wife a bit and the wife giggled and said “Oooh, Okon, please leave me. You are back early today oo. Wait for me in the room let me finish bathing now, eh?”. The man sneaked back out and that was the end of the marriage and Okon was fired and jailed.

      The moral is for men to put their eyes on the ball and spend more time at home with the Mrs. Portiphars, please.

      Thanks Nina for your thoughtful contributions.

      Best Regards,



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