How could the Master, Jesus Christ have known that more than 2000 years after He carried the cross to Golgotha and hung on it, for our redemption, that this infant innocence, would reach out in time, to help Him with the cross?

Isn’t it amazing that Jesus under the weight of the beam of the cross, all through The Via Dolorosa, a Street in the old Jerusalem, no one, no adult, no one from that entire multitude offered to help Jesus carry the cross that He was going to be hung on, for the forgiveness of our sins.

It took the Roman soldier, who noticed that the Master, Jesus Christ needed help and beckoned on Simon of Cyrene to help with the cross.

It would seem that everyone back then just escorted the Master, Jesus Christ to His death. But this little girl saw it differently.

Instinctively, she saw that Jesus needed help. Without even thinking, spontaneously, instantly, she reached out to help the Master. I’m thinking that if this little girl was present back then, she would have done the same, by also offering the help she offered Him now.

This sort of help, assistance is from a pure and contrite heart. A heart of innocence. A heart of gold. This is the sort of help that no one prompts or asks for. It just flows naturally like a fountain. The heart of help locks in and connects.

She didn’t even see the bloody face of the Master to see His agony, pain and strain. She didn’t even consider whether she was strong enough to help lift the cross. She didn’t even discuss this with the adult that took the photograph. The adult didn’t even think it was possible. All she knew was that she just must help.

Jesus was just tied to the whipping post shortly before now and a cat of nine tails whip tore into his fresh and his flesh mangled with blood stained the entire whipping post. A thorn was placed on His head, He was spat on and slapped even in his innocence. He knew no sin, like the innocence of this little girl. No one except this little girl offered to help Jesus. As old as crucifixion has been, as long as this statue has been, I doubt that anyone except this little girl has reached out from then and now to help Jesus.

She just saw Him from behind, sensing all the pain, he must be in, even though she was not present at the time, she connects back in time and still offered help. She perhaps doesn’t even know this is Jesus, she just saw that this person must be under a lot of weight and would want some help, even without asking her to help. This thing, the cross must be too heavy for one person to bear and carry all alone. Help!!

In The Tree another child, this time a little boy in the streets of India was going to school. He saw that a tree fell after the storm and blocked the whole road and prevented everyone from going on their way.

Again, the adults either slept in their vehicles, waiting for the tree to be somehow removed, other adults turned around and took other routes. Not this little Indian boy. Drenched in the rain, he dropped his school bag on the wet road and took a go at it! He used all his might and strength, which may not have amounted to much, at the time, to help the whole city.

He tried to push this tree trunk out of the way, when all the adult did nothing and looked on. Same way another tree, the cross which Jesus Christ was under its weight needed help, but got none, except for this little girl.

Initially, they laughed that little boy to scorn, but when they all realized he was serious, he meant business and wasn’t going to let go and be prevented from going to school, they all realized that this was the only way to help the city remove the fallen tree trunk from the road.

That’s when it dawned on the adults to come support the little boy remove the tree trunk from the road. He was the hero of the day at probably 6 years old. The sun shone after the tree was out of the way. The sun shone after this little girl also helped the Master Jesus Christ carry the tree-cross to save the world.

He showed that leadership isn’t age or size. You can lead and others will follow no matter the age, just like this little girl must have taught all of us a lesson in leadership and help 101.

This makes me understand the scripture better where the Master, Jesus Christ said in Mark 10:14 & 15: “But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.”

The kingdom of God is like the Childrens’ innocence and leadership. We adult have missed it. We were once like the children. But the cares of this world have caused us to get involved in a lot of strive, struggle, toil, pain, hate, anxiety, and now evil spews from our hearts.

We can hardly offer help and we easily capitalize on bad situations for gains. God wants us to become like children again, have a heart that loves, cares and helps. Let’s learn from this little girl and boy. Let help come back into our hearts naturally.

Let’s help people in need. They don’t necessarily need to ask us for it. Let’s have a spirit of discernment again. Put a smile on someone’s face today. Just like this little girl put a smile on our faces.

We may have laughed at her seeing that it was a statue. But it’s real to her. Let it be real to our hearts once more. Let us help a heart in need today.

Have a blessed day and a fruitful week ahead.

God bless.

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