It seems very fashionable to see teenagers and young adults smoking pots, weeds, cracks and the mild ones of cigarettes and shisha at pubs.


This is in spite of banning of advertisement of cigarettes in most countries and no radio adverts of smoking is allowed in most countries. This is in spite of the Sugeon General’s warning that cigarette smokers are liable to die young and to have lung cancer disease. One would wonder how come these warnings are not heeded despite the damage cigarette smoking has done by killing so many people.

The US Government for example tax tobacco companies and receive revenue of over $14bn annually. As alarming as this may be not just to the death toll, it would seem that the huge tax levies have not deterred people from smoking. It seemed that the level of addiction has overwhelmed the restrictions and advertisements to deter smokers. We have heard expressions like “something must kill a man” when one tries to talk out a smoker from smoking.

Today, weed or marijuana is being legalized and is being traded/exported from California and so many others have followed suit seeing the revenue coming in from selling of marijuana. I read somewhere that Coca-Cola is seriously considering spicing it’s drink with some weeds since that maybe the preferred choice of most young people.

It is interesting how we then question the sporadic shootings in public places by young people and killings at night clubs, schools or cinemas. These young people that abuse these substances lose sense of reasoning and they are no longer in control of their emotions and so once there’s an upsurge of emotions out of control they abuse more of the substances and pick up a gun to kill some people in the wake of these influences.

The young people are dropping out of school and not able to be useful to the societies they grow up in. The level of addiction sees these young people extorting money from their parents at gun point and selling their belongings to patronize these cracks. Some trade in it despite raids by the police. They hang out that joints and exchange these joints for some financial benefits and smoke the rest.

I notice a very strong smell of marijuana in the air at estates when I go jogging. Clearly, the security guards at most residences are smoking these weeds early in the morning to wake them up. It is not possible for anyone who abuses these substances to remain mentally rational. A lady was killed by her security guard because she was owing him salary. Her body was not discovered for a few days until it started decomposing. It was observed that she hadn’t attended cherub service for a few days which was very unsusual. So after church service members of her church drove to her house to find out if she was ok. They were alarmed that there was no security man to attend to them. When they finally made their way into the building they found the lady stabbed in the back with a very long knife that protruded from her stomach from behind. The security man was no where to be found. The matter was reported to the police, but nothing came out of it.

These guys have very short fuses that blows up at the slightest provocation. These substances have been so well peddled that it’s readily available for nothing everywhere. Those who have made a fortune trading in these illicit and banned drugs ensure that their distribution network brings it to the doorstep of anyone that knows the code to demand for these drugs. My confusion is how these drugs still make it pass internetional airports when all the detecting machines ought to be able to detect these substances. I’ve seen trained dogs sniffing bags at airports, perhaps looking for these banned drugs and substances. A story was told once of government officials in some African countries who may be compromised.

There are so many young people at rehabilitation homes trying to be waned from the effect of these drugs. So many have been destroyed and the line of those waiting to be ruined by these drugs are unbelieveable. Some smoke codine. Others smoke pawpaw leaves. Some smoke coffee just anything that has been heard that can give a temporary high.

Why would the young people be looking for this escape routes and be seeking solace in hard drugs ? What could cause these levels of depression that would warrant someone to believe that the solution lay in these drugs. The height of it is the spate of suicide arising from these abuses. When one loses control of his or her mental faculty a lot of bad judgment is the result and so many people are punished for these bad decisions. Some of the accidents caused are as a result of bad influence of drugs and alcohol. Even in hospitals where these drugs are supposed to be used for managing surgical painlike opium, the hospital attendants and doctors have been known to “steal” these drugs for their “patients” use.

The end result is a whantom destructions of lives and properties for the sake of substances. One doesn’t even know where to start to look for solution for all these as the addiction young people stop at nothing to ensure they get dosed up as often as they need it.

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