A couple of Saturdays ago, I spoke to the youth in my church on Tips to start Up Businesses. In the course of my presentation, it dawned on me that we are perhaps not empowering the youth enough. Perhaps we don’t seem to realize that our future actually lies in the hands of the youth. Maybe we don’t believe it.

It doesn’t matter for how long the older generation want to be around and deprive the youth the stage, someday the old will fade or die in office, if they fail to realize when to quit at the loudest ovation.

The old were given the stage when they were youthful. Or, shall I say they took the stage when they were youthful. They made several blunders, mistakes and learnt on the job, in the course of which the plundered several resources.

Now, they’ve tasted the pudding they don’t want to leave the stage anymore. We have leaders in their late 60s and 70s, some have falsified their records just to remain relevant and on the stage.

I’ve seen country’s ambassadors in their 70s. I’ve seen old leaders who still have a say on what happens in their communities. The entry requirements into leadership and rulership have been made so steep, youth can hardly afford these conditions.

They don’t have the sort of money required to buy tickets to get involved and to make meaningful contributions. They are brushed aside by being told they don’t have the required “experience” for the jobs. They get accused of being exuberant and though energetic but misguided.

We may have forgotten that the youth from ages 18 to 45 make up 70% of any population. These are the productive years of any nation or community. It appears the old hold unto power until the youth become old and can no longer give of their substance.

The others have lost interest in the things that matter and cannot be bothered. They’ve taken to culture that sees them dress and carry on non conventional behaviors. They’ve become very impatient and don’t have time anymore to process many things.

The youth have the power to disrupt many things. They have the knowledge and skills to wade into many projects and sectors. They need to come together and evaluate the stakes and the odds. They need to know it’s their future that the old are wasting away.

I’ve trained the youth. I’ve interacted with the youth. I’ve heard their view points and I get blown away each time.

This is because I find that they are better skilled more knowledgeable and more energetic than we can ever imagine. But their attention span is very short. You bore them they move on.

Technology has started paying attention to the millennials now. The mobile phones now understand that emojis are the way to go because they want to express themselves very quickly with very few words.

It’s time to empower our youth and coach them to take the driver’s seat. They can do a lot better than given credit for. They are deprived of so many things to deny them of the future that lies with them.

They need to realize this themselves and understand that kingdoms suffer violence and the “violent” need to take it by force.

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