I’ve watched this video countless times, trying to understand what would make an employee, who is supposed to serve a customer pummel the customer like this.!

So this actually happened at McDonald? This was the question the customer who used her smart phone to record the beating was asking at the end of it all. I evaluated the beating ditched out by the employee to the customer. Perhaps it’s because she’s a lot bigger than the customer? Perhaps the bully employee is frustrated by so many things and was a ticking bomb, just waiting to go off! And this customer just happened to be the hydrogen the bomb needed?

I could see the annoyance in the bully employee went beyond the fact that she just got thrown a milk shake by the customer. I might add that this seemed more like a night club bouncer who was trying to put a recalcitrant disco junkie in check. This happened in a McDonald eatery in Las Vegas. Even though this was posted on Instagram, I don’t think it had the sort of coverage it deserves, because nothing has happened after this beating. This would be about a month or two ago.

Perhaps it was caught up by the saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I don’t think we know enough about this inhumane conduct of a service girl who is supposed to serve customers.

I ran a mental evaluation and calculation of some of the McDonald eatery I’ve been in at Walmart outlets, at Oxford Street, in Johannesburg, at Skipol airport. I really don’t recall a pleasant service person welcoming me to Macdonald. I really don’t recall having a pleasant treatment and wanting to go back. It was always because we needed a quick fixed meal or that my boys wanted to play at the play pen.

Perhaps apart from the black stripped clown you sometimes saw at an outlet smiling at you, I couldn’t recall anymore.

The employees and service people really don’t look very happy. They seem to be serving out of compulsion and the fact that they need this job to pay bills. Thinking back now, I don’t remember a wao service treatment from any McDonald eatery. I can’t even begin to compare them to the service I’ve received at a virgin service point.

I’ve also evaluated and it’s dawning on me now, that most of the employees are almost always obsess. They must have had loads of French fries and quarter pounders, it tells on their weight after a few months.

I’ve lost some money at McDonald’s drive throughs. My balance was always sometimes never complete when I paid by cash. I’ve been dished wrong orders. Having given orders at the drive through boards, and my orders repeated back at me through display screen, in a hurry, I’ve taken orders only to find that on or more ordered and paid for items were missing. I remember one particular incident, I had to park the car, take out my receipt and went back to lodge a complaint. I was apologized to and the missing order given to me. Sometimes my children were denied the toys that came with the happy meals. We had to demand for it.

Customers shouldn’t allow this kind of beating up of another customer to go scot free. Not even a supervisor or a manager attended to the beaten up customer. It appeared another employee joined to beat up the customer. She was nearly tripped naked. Her tank top nearly got pulled off and her breast was exposed!!?? All in the name of eating at a McDonald?

The employee was screaming at the customer that her “mama was still alive”. Perhaps also the customer abused the employee’s mum? I would have liked to get the names of the employee. I would have liked to follow this through by seeking help for the beaten up customer. The customer was defenseless. Perhaps if she went there with a husband or brother who could stand up to that bully employee, the story might have been different.

I didn’t see any other employee try to restrain the fat bully employee from beating up the customer. I didn’t see other customers try to help the defenseless customer. The employee actually left her restricted area, came out into the main area of the restaurant and started beating up the customer. She bent down the customer backwards and continued pounding her. The employee beat the customer up so badly the customer tried to grab a chair to throw but the chair was wrestled from her while the beating continued.

If it was a domestic violence, the police would have showed up immediately. If it was a father beating up his son, he would have been restrained by handcuffs and taken to jail. If this was a husband beating up his wife, he would have been arrested, even if the 911 call was made afterwards.

So how come no one called 911 on this employee? How come the cops that patrol the streets of Las Vegas looking for crimes to apprehend missed this one? How come the bully employee had so much confidence and guts in the conduct, knowing that nothing would happen to her, before, during and after ? Imagine the confidence. She went back to work calmly, like nothing happened. Unruffled. Untouched.

Beyond just being an incident at an eatery, legally, this is battery. It’s a criminal offense. It was not even an affray. It was clear battery. The customer must have sustained severe bruises and injuries arising from the merciless beating. The customer seemed dazed and was missing her steps. I first read and watched this on Online Mail. I’ve been waiting to hear subsequent updates on this, whether McDonald apologized to the customer and sacked the bully service employee. But I’ve heard nothing. Which means this is ok?

The conduct and attitude of the other employees suggests to me that this has happened before. They restrained the customer more than they restrained the employee. The bullying service employee must have had other customers beaten up here in the past and this was clearly not the first because the co-workers were not surprised. The acted as though they were not seeing what was happening and only tried to restrain the customer when she tried to carry the stool to throw back at the bully. No one scolded the employee afterwards.

Similar incident happened onboard an United Airline flight sometime in 2017, where a medical doctor passenger, Dr. David was beaten up, nose broken and bleeding because he refused to give up his seat for an employee of United Airlines to get on the same plane they overbooked in the first place.

The employees needed four seats and asked passengers who were already onboard to kindly give up their seats for the employees. This really should be the other way round. This passenger, Dr. David accepted initially, only to remember that he had an appointment with a patient by 8.00am next day and couldn’t miss it. So he changed his mind. He was beaten up for this, nose broken and forced off the plane. Passengers were screaming, this wasn’t happening. Another passenger recorded this passenger, Dr. David being dragged off the plane with blood all over his face having been knocked out cold.

The video went viral and passengers boycotted United. Indeed, I recall one United frequent flier who had a platinum card, snapping his card into 3 pieces posting it online and vowing never to fly United anymore.

The CEO of United Airline initially defended the conduct and made excuses. But later gave an unreserved apology and compensation of over USD$8,000 with medical attention of surgery and Medicare was given to this medical doctor, Dr. David that was beaten and dragged off the plane.

We should make Macdonald pay for this!! This could happen to you. Can you imagine going into an eatery to be served fast food, instead you are served fast punching and beating and stripped half nude?

Whoever deserves this? I’m speaking up for this customer. I want you reading this to stand up for her as well.

No one deserves to be treated this way. No one!!!

We want this customer identified by McDonald and apologized to.

We want this Customer’s medical bills written off by McDonalds.

We want the CEO of McDonald to come on air and apologize for this shameful conduct.

We want huge financial compensation paid over to this customer.

We want anyone who can identify this customer to give her details for follow – up.

We want this bully employee to publicly apologize for her conduct, to the customer, after which she must be sacked.

We want attorneys in Las Vegas to take this case up pro bono.

This video should be shown to the DA, for prosecution.

We want customers to carry placards against McDonald Poor Customer Care treatment & to boycott McDonald in solitary to this defenseless customer.

She’s not alone! If you are with her, please forward this article as many times as you can, until we hear that something had been done against this barbaric act.

It is high time the customers stood up for other customers. Let’s be the voice of defenseless customers. Let’s speak up and stand up for other customers.

Service providers are supposed to be serving their customers and not beating them up!!!!!!

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