I KEENLY OBSERVE THAT THE VERY WEALTHY IN THE TOP 50 GLOBALLY hardly patronize top end luxury brands.

Most of them worked so hard to become as wealthy as they are, they don’t even notice that they are still wearing cheap and okay cloths and using standard items juxtaposed against their wealth.

They don’t seem to think that what they drive, what they wear or where they live and their choices really defines or announces their wealth.

It appears their net worth speaks volumes while in their appearances, they could pass for anyone. Perhaps apart from the facial recognition, nothing about their appearance could even indicate or come close to their net worth.

I have watched those who command the global wealth. I don’t see the wealth displayed on them in terms of affluence or flamboyant life style.

I will mention a few. Ingvar Kamprad the founder of IKEA was at some point the 4th wealthiest man in the world. He was driving a 1981 model of Volvo to work. He didn’t own a cell phone. When he was interviewed and asked why he didn’t own a cell phone, he said he didn’t need one. He said he has a telephone in the office and a telephone at home. He explained that most people knew his itinerary and if he missed any calls, his answering machine(s) would record the calls and he would return the call(s). He died January 2018 and was worth USD$58.7b.

Bill Gates is another. I’ve observed that he wears very passable sweaters and his shirts seem like polyester mixed with cotton and they look like the st. Micheal kind of brand of shirts. Nothing like Thomas Pink or the high end Italian designer shirts.

I’ve checked out the frames of his glasses, they are not designer frames. I’ve checked out his shoes they are just passable. But he will tell you about the books he’s read this month and how he’s installed a trampoline in this house because his children loved it. Spend a minute with him, he will be telling you how he’s trying to eradicate polio and poverty in the world. This guy is worth USD$94.8b!

Warren Buffet strikingly is still living in the house he purchased in 1968. He said the house is okay and functional and that he doesn’t need anything too big or elaborate.

I’ve seen clips of the sort of cars he drives. Nothing extra ordinary. But when you see his net worth you will understand the level of wealth he controls. This guy just gave USD$30.4b to charity and he’s worth USD$84.3b!

Mark Zuckerberg is a very at home name and his wealth and age speaks volumes.

Perhaps only when he appeared at the Senate to defend his brand and other such times would you see him wearing formal suit. You can tell he feels uncomfortable in them and cannot wait to take them off for his usual tee shirts.

He’s always in that “annoying” grey tee shirt even when he’s on stage. I saw a photograph of him once, he didn’t carry a cell phone he was not wearing a designer wrist watch and he was wearing just shorts and flip flops.

He was in Nigeria a while back and was seen jogging on the Ikoyi link bridge with the public. He didn’t wear branded Nike Sweat Shirts, which if he wanted, he could have Nike do that for him even as complimentary sets.

He had no body guards with him and I don’t know that he came to Nigeria in a private jet.

But the guy is CEO of Facebook that holds over 2billion subscribers and perhaps the fastest growing community in the world. He’s worth USD$57.3b.

Richard Branson is the one that intrigue  me the most. This guy started out in business at 17 he had dyslexia and couldn’t make it though schools. Have you seen how he interacts with his employees? I’ve been privileged to use his business class lounge. I observed that the service was excellent and everyone on top of their game. It seemed that they were working as though Richard would walk in any minute. And I’m told he sometimes does.

He crept in on a tired and sleeping staff in Australia and all he did was to kneel by his side to take a photograph. He didn’t wake him. He didn’t fire him. He didn’t get angry that he was sleeping. Because he knows the guy gives his all and was spent and exhausted otherwise he couldn’t be catching a nap.

Ride in Virgin train from London to Liverpool and see what I’m taking about. He’s worth USD$4.9b.

How about Larry Page? The boss and co-Founder of Google! He’s made all of us lazy now. Everything we ask google. Even smallest of things and spellings. When we are in doubt google confirms it for us. Again, he’s not a loud guy and rakes in as net worth USD$50.3b.

Elon Musk. CEO of Tesla and great investor. He holds SA, Canadian and US Citizenships. He’s perhaps the flashiest dresser of the pack. He’s able to pick and use all the high end designer brands at USD$22.1b network. But far from it.

I would also like to put Oprah in this pack because of what she’s given back to society and how she’s empowered the girl child. Her humble poor background doesn’t seem to allow her to live too loud though she commands a few of the high end brands. Once in a while, it’s ok for the level of wealth and she’s worth USD$2.8b.

Jeff Bozes is final. He’s the richest of them all. He’s the CEO of Amazon the virtual online store guy. He just lost USD$20.0b on the trade floor in 2 days and he’s still the wealthiest at USD$133b. He also doesn’t wear and use too them designers. I don’t know what he drives but his dress sense tells a lot about his lifestyle.

So, whose wearing them high end brands and driving all them Ferrari and buying all the luxury items?

Jordan Spieth is adjudged perhaps the most expensive sportsman at USD$30.5m and he’s wearing a Rolex Daytona valued at USD$17.8m?!

So his wristwatch alone has taken up more than half of his net worth? And hold your breathe… his home is worth USD$7.2m!

So, you want to ask me what’s left of his net worth? It means he has to keep golfing at the level he’s at and signing all the high end endorsements to keep these watches and lifestyle. You can tell that if anything goes wrong in ten years he’s out!.

In comparison, Jordan Spieth’s home is valued at USD$7.2m and his net worth is USD$30m. Bill Gate’s home is valued at USD$8.3m but he’s networth is USD$94.4b. Mark Zuckerberg’s home is valued at USD$7.2m while he’s worth USD$50.4b.

Looking at cars. I find that Simon Cowell drives perhaps the most expensive car in the world! He drives a Bugatti veyron worth USD$1.7m and his net worth is USD550m.

Jay Z drives what is recently adjudged the most expensive car in the world MAYBACH EXELERO and he’s worth USD$900m.

Rapper Birdman is worth USD$180m and also drives one of the most expensive cars in the world, a Bugatti veyron. He’s got all the tattoos for a whole city and all the expensive gold chains all over him. Perhaps the Nigerian Dangote with a networth of USD$11.3b also joins this class of those driving the worlds most expensive cars.

Then comes Jerry Sinfeld, the world’s most expensive actor with a networth of USD$860m also driving a Porsche 959. Nicholas Cage with a net worth of USD$25m is also driving Ferrari Enzo.

Interestingly, Bill Gates drives a Ford Focus and once asked a “wealthy” person who owned a Ferrari to let him drive to see how it feels and he was obliged. Mark Zuckerberg drives an Acura TSX and says he’s very comfortable with his car and it serves all the purposes he wants in a car.

I’m tempted to think that the actually very wealthy people are stingy or miserly but when you see the amount of charity work and giving back to society you will think again.

It appears the luxury brand isn’t used by the very wealthy. They must know something others do not know. They must know where true value lies. We must observe the lifestyle of these very wealthy people and what humanity means to them and juxtapose same against those who seem to want to show their wealth by using these luxury brands.

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