GROWING UP, WE OWNED a black and white TV that shut doors like wardropes. One day, we peeped through the neighbors window and saw that theirs was a colored tv. It sort of made the pictures come alive.

We came back, took a look at ours again and it didn’t seem so cool anymore, at least not like we liked it before we saw the neighbor’s colored tv.

Sometimes, we put ourselves under undue pressure by comparing ourselves with what others own and we lose our joy and peace. The grass always seem greener on the other side, until you get there and find that we perhaps were better off.

We envied people who were very “wealthy” until the banks started foreclosing on their assets. I saw a very wealthy man once who owned chains of hotels. I was told he couldn’t eat anything other than milk and biscuits. Some need to take pills to catch a couple of hours sleep while we can nod off even at a noisy park.

We can go where we want, eat what we want, some feel paranoid with millions of dollars in their pocket as though they will be mugged any minute.

I am not advocating poverty. It is good to be contented with what we have, with God, it is great gain.

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