I HAVE SEEN SEVERAL OF US, IN THE COURSE OF RISING TO THE APEX OF CAREERS erroneously assume the VIP treatment accorded was for us, not realizing it was all for the office we occupied.

We only realize after leaving the office that all that courtesy and waiting on us, handing us coffee when we didn’t even ask, collecting our luggage upon arrival from a trip, opening the car doors for us and checking us into hotels before arrival were actually meant for us. Wrong! it was all meant for the office we occupied.

I had a Boss once, each time he had a party, the venue would overflowing with guests, mostly consultants and attorneys. Some invited themselves, when they heard of the event even without being invited.

My Boss used to feel so honored and loved from these guys, because they even brought him loads of gifts. They spent hours with him and the family and some left pretty late in the evening.

Some years later, he was transferred out of the Department. He was no longer the Boss, in that sense, though in the same organization.

In other words, he was no longer in a position to give briefs. Not long after, he had a son (which was a big deal, because, prior to this, he had just girls) and he was Christening his son.

He sent our several invitations to the same “friends” attorneys and consultants who once used to overflow venues of his events.

We were just 3 at the event. He assumed others were coming for the party and waited until very late at night and no one else showed up, other than us 3.

That was when it dawned on him that he wasn’t celebrated for himself, but because of the office he occupied. His successor resumed office and when the successor was burying his Dad, all the same consultants and attorneys showed up as friends even though the successor was just in office for a few weeks.

So many people have walked alone and felt very lonely after they occupied very lofty offices.

I’ve seen a one time Governor of a State board an aircraft without any prior announcement. While we was Governor, he would have been announced on board as “your excellency, ladies and gentlemen”. Now it was just “ladies and gentlemen”.

He would have been traveling first class, if not a private jet with at least 5 aides. This ex- Governor stepped off the aircraft alone and walked alone to the terminal building. He acknowledged only a couple of greetings.

We wrongly assume that the crowd and the entire VIP treatment while in office were meant for us. Nooooo! It was all for the crown on our heads.

People follow the crown and not the person wearing the crown. Once the crown moves, they move also.

This explains why so many people have held unto offices and power because they do not want the crown and the crown treatment taken away from them.

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