Life will throw you curved and dangerous balls when you least expect it. Sometimes, it could be in the middle of the life’s ocean and all you’ve got is a four-foot surfing board!

There are no roads in the sea, the waves of life don’t warn you of how high they rise, the tempest seas of life bellows and charges at you, but you cannot beat a retreat.

All you’ve got are your instincts, wits, past experience and knowledge, skills and a black string tied to your left ankle against the elements. But it is sufficient.

You cannot miss any cue now, your instincts sharply tell you when to bank, when to dock a wave, when to ride on a high one, when to squat, when to pose a balance on one knee and spread your arms. You just know when to lie on the surfing board to paddle for the big one to sail over you.

Bring it on”! You almost hear yourself scream! Even you are surprised at your skills, but you take credit for it, the waves of life cannot but admire your agility.

You’ve made it! Welcome to where you are. You’ve just passed another life’s test.

Now, you carry your surfing board beneath your left arm, making bold footprints on the beach sands of time, leaving a mark on life, as you await your next test.

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