My friend married a very pretty wife. She read Banking & Finance. He refused her working in any Banks, because of the tales of what Senior Executives and high networth customers do to Account Officers.

Account Officers are given very high targets and bonuses are tied to how much deposits can be realized. The very pretty ones sometimes get compromised in the course of their Banking jobs. My friend preferred his wife to teach English in a local primary school where she would not be a prey or target to these hounding Bank Executives.

We have heard stories of married women who have been compromised and have started dating customers or their bosses though married. Some work very late. Especially those very high up in ranking such as Executive Directors and General Managers.

My friend’s wife has been very unhappy that she wasn’t allowed by the husband to work and become a high flier in the financial industry. She envies her friends whose husbands allowed them to work in such commercial banks and they come posing to her with their very slick official cars and other pegs of office my friend’s wife couldn’t afford. All she had was this small corolla the husband bought for her. She virtually depends on the husband for everything.

Flipping the coin, I counseled a couple. The wife worked as a very senior manager in the banking industry. She married a very good looking man. A bloke. If she’s with the husband in public young women would come up to the husband to introduce themselves and some would even give him their business cards.

The wife felt the best way to keep her man was to ensure that he was always and permanently broke. She reasoned that if the husband had money, he may actually go after these good looking young girls. So, she frustrated his business, ensured he didn’t have contacts and offers and practically disabled him to be broke busted and disgusted to remain in the house. She was very fine with that and he had to depend on her for even gas money and she would just give him enough to go to some places but not to last him for long.

In these two scenarios how do you think these couples would pray, seeing that they both feel insecure if their spouse had money or was well to do? This is the bane of most marriages today. The husband wants a house wife. The wife wants a house husband. Either do not feel comfortable with the other becoming a top flight career lady/ or gentleman because of threats from older men or young women as the case may be.

So, wives are asked to pray for their husbands to be financially sound and stable. What do you think such wives will pray? Husbands are also asked to pray for their wives to be able to support them by doing well in their careers. What do you think the husbands will pray?

It’s not God now that has not answered prayers of families. It’s the spouses that’s hindering their own financial growth and well being because they are very sure they would lose their wives or husbands if they released them to the arms of financial prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Prayer in marriage…

  1. Dear Uwem, I look up to your ever interesting post with delight. Prayer in Marriage is not an exception. My take is, every husband and wives should allow growth but within the ambit that it is not detrimental to the marriage. Couples should also, up communication skills, talk things over with a view to reach a compromise not necessarily having it all either way, but reaching reasonable ground. From your tale what happen if the Wife fail who will help her or if the man fail who will help him? The world today is full of high level uncertainties. What is up today might be down tomorrow. I strongly advocate that any of the couple that have financial muscles must quickly draw up plans to set up the other in a way and manner that either of the parties can financially sustain the family, such that the marriage is not affected i repeat, otherwise talk things over. No couple is truly wise except they succeed in marriage together. Marriage and the sustainability thereof requires, skills, tacts, prayer, care, concern, love… there is no end to it. Marriage must be devoid of greed and external interference. Jesus created marriage, He is in the best position to make marriage work. Give your life to Christ today, because when all fail only Jesus and those he gives grace will be standing. A couple can have it all, but one party is sick of Cancer. Jesus heals Cancer. Give your life to him today.


    1. Thank you Edeki for this very inspiring feedback. I truly appreciate it. Insecurity in marriage is a big issue. If you read Ish. 4:1 you will see that in the end times, 7 women would ask a man to allow them answer his name that they would be able to take care of themselves financially. If you also check Gen. 3:16b you will observe that God said a woman’s desire is to her husband. Furthermore, if you check Eph. 5:22-23 you will see that God also commanded submission from the wife to the husband. This is one portion of the Bible women do not like to hear. Lastly, if you check Prov. 21:19 you will note what wise man Solomon said what to do about a quarrelsome wife. If you juxtapose all these verses of the Bible, and apply to what obtains in marriages today, you will note that it is a blessing to be married. But what is more profound is a further blessing to stay married considering the spate of divorces. One of the key elements of divorce is money or finances. I read somewhere where it was said that some sins have not been committed because the man is not that wealthy. Also on the woman’s part she lords it over the husband if she’s more financially well to do. What you want to say therefore is maturity in financial matters. The two case studies are real life. The wife is the second case study clearly told her pastor that she would lose her husband to all these women if he became rich. The scenario one the husband, my friend said he didn’t want anyone chasing his pretty wife in the name of bank work. But you have to identify with the realities of these issues. Rightly said, only God can make marriages work. The couples in marriage must deal with the treats and insecurities. I counseled someone yesterday who said to me that every married woman or girl friend checks her husband’s/ boy friend’s phone now and again just to be sure that she’s still his number one and that she’s not having any rivalries. So where’s the privacy or where is the trust if husband and wife are feeling that kind of insecurity? The ratio of men to women isn’t helping matters either. There’s a video I saw where single women all voted that the married men should pick a second wife each so they also can be married. I saw a church video where a pastor lined up like 10 young men and asked any lady that fancied them to line up behind them. Each man had at least 8 to 10 ladies lined up behind him. That’s the wake up call. The pastor said he was personally going to sponsor the weddings. So those married want to hold their husband tight and will stop at nothing. For the men, their ego will be bruised if anyone got their wife to cheat. This is a serious problem and if not addressed will continue to eat at marriages. Finally, I am a born again Christian. I have been for a very long time. If you read some of my articles on other subjects, you will also note that. Thanks and God bless…


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