I’ve heard several versions and scholars argue that perhaps Jesus Christ was not born in December, let alone 25th.

Some say October!?

I’ve also heard some Bible scholars argue that we are perhaps not supposed to mark Christmas, rather, we are supposed to mark Passover and Communion because Jesus said:

This do ye in remembrance of me.

They argue further that the night Jesus was betrayed at the Passover, last supper, He commanded His disciples to do this (break bread & drink wine-His blood in remembrance of Him).

Perhaps the calendar may not have been very precise on the birth date, but what’s wrong with December 25th, as we have all now come to accept it as the date we mark the birth of Jesus Christ.?

The true meaning of Christmas is in GIVING!

Doesn’t matter what side of the argument you are on.

GIVING is on all sides.

It doesn’t matter what it is, give somebody something this season. Something. Anything that will make a meaning to that person.

It doesn’t matter the size. Just give. You do not even have to buy anything….

Touch a life. When you touch a life, you are that person’s Christmas.

This video melts my heart, each time I watch it.

This boy took from his savings to buy slippers for a homeless man that must have been traveling for miles, perhaps for days.

The destitute tried to improvise footwear from empty water bottles and ropes.

Even the boy’s father did not even notice the destitute, let alone think of how to help the poor destitute have some footwear.

He wasn’t even observant like his son.

But the son was observant. He saw that the poor man’s feet were hurting, and bleeding just like the feet of Jesus was on Calvary’s Cross.

The boy took this as his project and assignment. He didn’t even ride in his father’s car this time. He was on a mission.

He didn’t even discuss it. He was resolute in his heart on what he wanted to do.

He even guessed the old man’s shoes size. He knew where to find the old homeless man by the tree.

So many adults had driven pass this homeless man. They did nothing…

This boy Samaritan brought a smile and tears of joy to the old man’s face and heart.

God had just answered his prayers on footwear. Whose prayers have you answered?

The boy thought his father might be cross at this kind gesture. But the father was thankful his son gave. That embrace was out of pride, joy, shame and embarrassment mixed together.

He was the destitute’s Christmas.

Whose Christmas are you, today?

Those old cloths you no longer wear. Those old broken toys your children no longer play with or have outgrown.

Those your “spoilt” old shoes, or wife’s/husband’s shoes that dust has settled on, in your wardrobe or storage.

Polish those shoes nicely. Dry clean the old cloths you no longer wear. Take the toys or old shoes and cloths your children have outgrown. Visit an Orphanage today.

Be their real Christmas meaning today.

Seasons Greetings.

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