MILES DAVIS ONE OF THE BEST EVER JAZZ TRUMPETERS was hooked on drugs. Heroine reduced Miles to a pimp looking for money for his next fix.

While all this was going on, the great jazz trumpeter was still inside. But he couldn’t bring it out. Not anymore.

Iron Mike Tyson was worlds heavy weight boxing champion at age 17. At age 20, he was undefeated with several KOs under his belt. He had a neck made of steel. His opponents were destroyed in one or two rounds.

While growing up a street fighter, the world heavy weight champions belts were inside of him.

But he couldn’t hold down his success. Not for long. He would crash a £160k Ferrari and leave it there. He couldn’t wriggle out of a rape scandal and after he bit the ears of Holyfield he couldn’t quite have a come back.

But the great boxer was still inside of him while he was down for the count.

Tiger Woods rose to fame of golf and was having the juiciest of endorsements.

He got it twisted lost his family and got hooked on drugs and swung down to the lowest of golf ladders.

While he was going through hell, the great golfer was still inside of him.

While he was being picked up by police for drunk driving, the great golfer was still inside. He has just started believing again, and the great golfer inside is coming out again.

There’s greatness inside us begging to come out even in our lowest ebb.

There’s greatness inside us locked down by fear, doubts, excuses, laziness, lack of opportunities, lack of help and unbelief.

Sometimes, it takes the people around us to see our potentials while we keep on doubting we have it.

They see what we cannot see. They see glimpse of greatness and they want to bring it out, sometimes not so much as for ourselves, but because of what they can benefit from the greatness in us coming out.

At other times, people get so intimated by the greatness we carry, that they even look for big padlocks to lock the greatness inside and ensure they discourage us enough from bringing them out because they cannot handle it.

But at other times, we need motivation to believe in ourselves. When the right motivation comes, it’s like a wind in our sail. It makes us leap so high when we see the footage of the leap, we can hardly believe that was from us.

It’s all in the encouragement we get. Most of the world’s greats never really saw the greatness in themselves.

It took scouts. It took great coaches. It took great minds to dig them out. Others stumbled on it. But it was there inside you all this while.

Others saw a spark in themselves when others didn’t. They believed in it despite discouragements.

They kept at it. Failed several times. They got jeered at booed and abused. But the spark inside them wouldn’t let them give up.

They ended up whipping the smug off people’s faces when they eventually hit the limelight.

There are lots of great people feeding from trash cans. There are potential presidents walking the streets in rags. There are board room gurus begging for handouts.

There are Hollywood movie stars begging for a bed space in the back side of nowhere. A lot of ballon do’r soccer greats washing cars and tending animals.

While Njimon Hounsou great movies star who starred in Amistad, Blood Diamond and more from Benin, West Africa was feeding from cabbage cans his modeling career and these movies were inside of him.

Jan Koum founder of WhatsApp was an immigrant into California and lived in one room with his mother.

While we was sweeping the local streets one of the greatest Communication inventions of WhatsApp was inside him. He taught himself computer in 2009.

Roman Abramovich was born poor and orphaned at age 2. While we was raised by an uncle and managed to start schooling in Russia, the oil magnet and ownership of Chelsea FC were inside him.

So many worlds greatest personalities have not hit the center stage yet, and perhaps never would. Not because they do not have it, but because they can’t stir it out.

Unfortunately, so many lights have dimmed inside and never shone because of doubts, unbelief and inhibitions.

Ultimately, when someday the door of our un utilized treasure chest deposits are opened and we see how so much treasures were buried in our earthen vessels, how great our regrets would be…

Wake up like Mohamed Ali by 4:00am and go jogging! Wake up like Micheal Jordan and practice slam dunk in the dark! Wake up like Magic Johnson and practice free throw blind folded! Wake up like David Beckham and practice millions of those crosses.!

It’s time to stir up that giant inside you. Work it out. Bring it out. Give it expression. It’s long over due.

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