DESPITE ALL THE CHALLENGES, UPS AND DOWNS of 2018, we won sometimes, we lost at other times. We cried sometimes, we also laughed at other times.

It is still a beautiful Christmas Season to end the year on a high.

It’s like child birth. It is a season of the birth of a Wonderful Child. When the baby arrives, everyone rejoices, and sort of forget all the pains and travails of 9 months.

This is why Jesus is the reason for the season. It was a journey’s fulfillment.

Like a journey, I also started Saxophone Lessons some months back and my astute Sax Teacher Efe Maxwell. He urged me on, he encouraged me and gave me the foundational classes.

He says I would be a very good Sax player if I kept up with the lessons.

It was confusing at some point to master the keys and notes.

Somehow I still managed to play a song for you all:

Jehovah You Are The Most High….


This is a tribute to my Sax Teacher Efe Maxwell whose wife has just been delivered of a bouncing baby boy yesterday, 23rd December 2018. Mother, Baby Boy and Father are all doing fine.

My Sax teacher has asked me to do a tribute to Saxophone, one of the best musical instruments of all times, in my opinion.

I’m a jazz enthusiast. I used to wonder how Gerald Albright, Kenny G, Dave Sunburns, Grover Washington, Dave Kos just mentioning a few were able to make such cool melodious tunes from this horn.

It’s magical how their fingers know what key to release when to release and how to blend the sound to give it a jazzy effect.

Now, I own my own Sax. It was my birthday present to me last year. I’ve been looking for a good Sax teacher who has the patience to teach a beginner like me until I met Maxwell.

The ball is in my court to become a Sax great too…. Someday. Someday..

Merry Christmas…

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