Some years ago, I read a true story of a female student in the UK who confirmed that she was a medical student and that herself and her friends have had to go into prostitution to pay their tuition and upkeep. So the streets to their hostel had become a red light district as they soon found that so many students could not afford the high cost of education.

Someone told me a story of some young “big boys” in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. He said that there are several gay big time politicians and business men in Abuja who have preference for the very good looking “young big boys”.

Soon a racket was formed where those who wanted to join the “young big boys” club in Abuja would submit themselves to be taken sexually for which acts they would “earn” loads of dollars for satisfying the sexual perversion of the wealthy men.

The “young big boys” would return back to Lagos to flaunt their “wealth” gotten from sleeping with these wealthy big men. Those who envied their lifestyle would also be shown the path way to wealth.

A man was terribly ill and required over $25,000 for medicare including surgery and trip abroad. The family couldn’t afford such amount of money.

The wife went to everyone she knew to try and raise the money. A wealthy man accepted to give her the money and more provided she became his mistress and he could have her anytime he wanted.

She weighed the odds of her husband dying against just giving her body sexually to be able to safe her husband’s life.

She accepted the deal and her husband was recovered after the medication and trip abroad. She lied that she got a loan for the medical bills and the illicit relationship continued.

The wealthy man threatened to make the affair public with evidence of how she paid her husband’s medical bills when she wanted to end the relationship. She’s still in that trapped love triangle.

So many people have had to do very terrible, shameful, embarrassing things for this money, to get by.

I once had a schoolmate in the university who made a “living” in school from stealing library books and selling them to students for very ridiculously cheap amount.

All you needed to do was to consult him on the textbook you needed and within a matter of days you had the textbook delivered to you “cleaned up”.

Nothing in the textbook would indicate it once belonged to the school library. Not too long afterwards, the school library did not have key text books for students to read anymore.

I’ve got a live testimony to corroborate this:

I used to steal text books in university and sell them to my classmates to help pay my tuition. I felt it was a victim-less crime, as the price of text books is absurd. In hind sight, as a 34 years old I feel bad. But as a starving 18 years old, I did not.

I was also informed that there were so many indigent students who were trying to make it through school at all costs.

Some were selling their blood at hospital blood banks. They would sell a pint of their blood for a few days meals.

I heard that when surrogate mothers were introduced and sperm banks, so many young able bodied men would approach hospitals in Harley Street, London to sell their sperm to “surrogate mothers” who would want to buy for fertilization.

Some women and men even offered to have their eggs and sperm frozen to be used long after they are dead and gone to reproduce offsprings.

This level of desperation for money to pay bills and to get by has driven so many people to kill themselves, commit suicide at the Mediterranean Sea attempting to cross from Tripoli, Tunisia into Europe.

The sorry tales by survivors who were rescued by their home countries revealed that some were used as slaves, others were used as commercial sex workers and paid peanuts. Some lost their limbs and others did not live to tell their story.

Those who make it to countries like Italy were sponsored by their “madam” who would confiscate their international passports and they would be given targets some as high as €100,000 to buy back their their freedom.

These young sex workers would sleep with men of all shapes, race, creed, sizes and sexual preferences, to buy back their freedom.

I watched a presentation on commercial sex workers by an NGO that hinted on perhaps over 2000 young women were imported into Russia for the World Cup 2018 for this sex trade.

Interestingly, those that have bought back their freedom, also started their own racket and imported girls from various African countries who would do anything for this money.

Some young girls have indicated that they neither want to go to school nor do anything other than to pass these routes that have brought fame and wealth to those who left the shores of their countries earlier.

Those rehabilitated have regretted how dehumanized and debased they have become and are still struggling for reintegration back into the society.

Unfortunately, the sad part of these tales are not told that some come down with terminal illnesses and others have been so abused and depraved they hardly see themselves as human beings.

They have lost the dignity of human life and now they have this money to spend on terminal illnesses.

The multinationals are not speared in these vulnerable societies where poverty has ravished the land and people have become so desperate to survive the next day.

A poor family in Kenya in a documentary recounted how they were employed and asked to pick 45kg bean coffee seeds to earn $3.

The entire family would be out in the coffee field picking bean coffee seeds. It would probably take a whole day to pick 45kg bag weight to earn $3.

Some family members died out in the field from undue exposure and lack of proper medicare.

In Cambodia, 4-5 years old boys are recruited to sew leather soccer balls and foot wares for sports companies to earn a living.

These children do not go to school. They seek to help their parents out by learning this craft/ skill to earn a living.

In China, some children are employed to work for 18 to 20 hours in mobile phone factories to earn a living.

Here are some real life testimonies of what people did for money….

I was drunk at a karaoke bar in Sidney running around the hallway for some reason. Two 30-something women told me they needed a stripper for their friends birthday and they’d give me $200. So I walk into this brightly-lit karaoke room with 15-20 women sitting around. I got naked, sang Radio GaGa to a wall of camera flashes, made a speech and got the hell out of there.

Here is another one…

In fifth grade my brother took $20 to let a kid stab him in the hand with a fork, the kid’s going places.

How about this one…

I got paid $430 for random pictures of my feet. And painting my toes different colors. And putting different socks on.

How about this…

Licked the floor of my school bus for 20 bucks. Not just a taste, a long drag of bus floor.

This one sounds crazy and dangerous…

Snorted a line of sand for 30 bucks…

You may like this one…

I didn’t eat lunch at school for over a year so I could save up for a trampoline.

This one is borne out of addiction…

I sold my plasma for beer money.

This one is weird.

In ninth grade I put a used condom I found outside a sports center in my mouth for $100.

And the last one…

I used to DJ at a strip club. One night a few guys come in to cheer one of them up, as he had just buried his brother. One of them (already pretty drunk) comes up to me and asks to play Taps for $100 when the guy gets the lap dance. I refused. He comes back and offers $250. Again, I turn them down. They kept coming back with higher and higher offers till I finally caved in at $1000. The worst part was the look on the guy’s face the entire time. Don’t think I’ll ever forget it. That was about 10 years ago and I still lay awake at night from time to time thinking what a piece of s**t I was/ am

While money answereth all things, we must not debase our human dignity and rob our integrity in the mud because we have to earn a living or make a few bucks.

There’s dignity in labor and the sweat of a hard earned money is usually well spent.

That which was earned from a debase and dehumanizing treatment often times frizzles out because it was perhaps gotten as a result of greed and desire to lead an ostentatious lifestyle.

As the year draws to a close, let us soul and self search to reflex on some of the things we have done that we are not too proud of in the past and come clean in 2019.

There’s dignity in hard work….

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