I had always assumed that Samson was a very muscular person with very large biceps, triceps, tendons, chest and calf muscles busting with power, until I saw his actual painting from a gallery.

Samson was near very skinny and scruffy looking that he was almost a pushover in looks.

If you watch the cartoons, he was close to the cartoon character Shaggy in Scooby Dooby Doo.

I then understood why this was so:

  1. It was obvious the power was from God.
  2. It was so Samson doesn’t take credit for it.
  3. It was to confound the wise and defy the rule that only very muscular people are that strong.
  4. He was a secret weapon and the enemy wasn’t supposed to know where his power lay.
  5. It was to make him unassuming and for him to completely rely on God.

There were however subsequent other drawings that tried to make up for his strength with his looks, so it doesn’t continue to look absurd that a seemingly powerless person was single handedly defeating a whole army.

These later pictures were out of the shame and embarrassment they felt from being beaten by a very skinny looking guy.

When it came to physical built, there were millions better built than Samson, but there was none as powerful, as strong as he was. This was because God chose him as a Judge and made him a Nazarene. This meant that no razor was to touch his hair. But the secret weapon of his power was revealed to him and he was supposed to keep it secret.


So, he could tear a lion with his bare hands and with an ordinary jaw bone of as ass he would kill thousands of the Philistines. He was a terror to his enemies and could even do some mischief by lighting the tail of a fox with fire to run into the camp of the enemies and burn down their bans.

He could walk into the camp of the enemies without any weapon and come out leaving behind casualties. Sometimes, God gives us gifts, blessings freely and we have misused and abused the blessings. I have seen fantastic musicians who can sing to high heavens. The kind of voices that can wake the dead, but the do not sing to glorify God that gave them the voice gift.

I have seen very skillful and talented people who have exploited their God given talent and gifts and used no part of it to glorify God.

It is almost as though they gave themselves the skills and talent. Some say they are self made and discovered it by themselves.

Perhaps, you want to ask Solomon the richest and “wisest” King how he ended up with 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Is there any wonder that his heart was turned to other gods and he started worshiping them and building shrines and alters for them?

He probably was speaking to Samson and himself when he said the way that seems right to a man, the end would be destruction.

Here comes the problem, of all the beautiful women in Israel, he chose to be in bed with his enemies.

I believe pride set in and Samson became self conceited knowing that God freely gave him this entire strength for him to “do as he pleased”.

So, he made the work of his enemies easier. Since he was always flirting and had wholly sold his soul to Delilah, she had an assignment to find out where his strength lay, because it had to be somewhere.

Find it, we reward you handsomely, Delilah was told.

Sometimes, strength and power should be accompanied by some wisdom and knowledge, however basic.

This Samson told a riddle that no one could find the answer, but disclosed the answer to Delilah who told his enemies.

This same Samson lied severally to Delilah about were his strength was and could see that she actually planned to strip him of his strength.  He had enough signs and warnings.

Is that not how we are sometimes? The greatest of world leaders and very powerful men have been brought down to their knees because of being in the enemy’s bed.

I read the novel by Fredrick Foreseyth, The Day of the Jackal. An intriguing account of an assassin who was paid to assassinate President Charles De Gaulle of France.

He was always ahead of his captors. The intelligence report always leaked and The Jackal was always warned and tipped off. It became obvious there was a mole in the boardroom.

So, they bugged all the bedrooms of the men in the boardroom and found that one had a Delilah in his bed who would always make sure she found out what was discussed at the strategy meeting, and while he slept, she would tip toe to the phone and relay the information that was quickly passed to The Jackal.

A Deliliah never means well. A Delilah is bent on taking you out. A Delilah wants to ensure that your God given talent, skills and strength no longer serves God.

It is still early days, if your locks have not yet been shaved.

So, how is it that Delilah asks you severally where your strength lay, you lied and she carries out the lie for three times?!

You still do not get it that she will ensure your locks are shaved should you disclose to her the source of your strength.?!! Stupid!!!

She says you do not love her because you lied to her and embarrassed her before her masters.

Then, you finally disclose your strength source because you want to demonstrate love and she cuts them off, calls the enemies on you and you are powerless.

We still fall prey to Delilah’s.

We have not learnt from Samson yet that this vices are real.

We have not learnt that the enemies come through those things we love the most. Those things that make you drop your guards in “enjoyment”.

It is when your guards are down and you are defenseless and sleeping that the strike is fiercest.

Samson was made public spectacle of.

The man who once terrorized the whole country of Philistine was reduced to a mill grinder with eyes gorged out of their sockets so he could not see the pretty Delilah again.

But God is a good God. He’s a merciful God. Even when we have sunken to our lowest ebb in shame and embarrassment , He still gives us another chance to come back home.

He said He will not remember those iniquities anymore. He even asks us to come, He wants to reason with us even though He is God.

It’s not His will that Delilah should drag anyone to the pit of hell.

I believe if Samson has pleaded to God for his eyes back, just as God grew back his hair overnight, God would have granted his wish.

I also believe that if Samson has requested not to die with the Philistines, God would have pardoned him completely.

The problem was that he wasn’t able to forgive himself. He messed up and couldn’t forgive himself.

We hold ourselves bound in guilt when God said He’s forgiven us and will not remember it anymore. But we still remember it. Why?

I believe the prodigal son rehearsed his sins severally long after his father had forgiven him.

What we do not let go from our hearts keeps us bound even though God has opened the flood gates and wiped our slates clean to start again.

Start again, let the past go. Learn from it. Avoid those vices you fall prey to.

Sometimes, we may not be able to get up if we keep falling down and claiming to be the “righteous” that falls severally.

Our knees and ankle bones may not be able to hold us up again if we keep falling down deliberately.

Forgive yourself. God has forgiven you. Start all over again. Stay up!!! You can do it!!!

God bless you.

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